Originally formed to pay tribute to guitar hero and folk legend Jerry Garcia, the Andy Coe Band has evolved into the liveliest psychedelic jam band to come out of the Pacific Northwest in years. Guitarist Andy Coe, with Gary Palmer on keys, Chris Jones on bass, and Scott Goodwin on drums, deliver stellar improvisational tunes in mystical proportions.



Dead of Winter feat. Tim Bluhm


Coe turned every song into a personal exposition to explore the outer reaches of melodic frontiers.

Crazy Horse Saloon Nevada City, CA

These guys can do those sing-along-worthy country-rock ramblers and improv space-outs with equal aptitude. It's like the Grateful Dead never died...

The Stranger Seattle, WA

Monday nights are typically hard nights to attract a regular audience, yet the Blue Moon is packed with sweaty, dancing music lovers on the regular.

Seattle Magazine Seattle, WA

A few minutes in Coe's presence proves that his mercurial, serpentine leads vibrate close to that Garcia-esque golden mean.

The Stranger Seattle, WA